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How do I get bidwars points?

  • 1. Sign Up (100 points)

    The easiest way to get credits is to sign up! New users receive 100 points when you create an account

  • 2. List More Items (varies)

    We reward you points when you list more items. The more popular your items the more points you get.

  • 3. Be an Active User (varies)

    We reward users regularly for being active members of the community! You will receive points when you least expect it for doing things like listing items, bidding, commenting, leaving feedback or simply visiting the site!

  • 4. Share bidwars listings on facebook (varies)

    Get points when you share bidwars items on your facebook.

  • 5. Leave feedback (20 points)

    You get 20 points when you leave a feedback to the seller/buyer.

  • 6. Get a positive feedback (50 points)

    You get 50 points when you receive a positive feedback.